Department Assets

The Department of Endocrine & Breast Surgery has the complete infrastructure to provide state-of-art management to patients with various endocrine and breast surgical problems and myasthenia gravis. The department has a designated OPD with 6 out-patient sessions per week, a 30 bedded ward, and two fully equipped operating rooms which are run full day for five days a week. The department utilizes numerous high-technology instruments and gadgets for diagnosis and treatment of endocrine & breast surgical patients. Some of these include: Integrated operating suite with tele-medicine connectivity, high-definition laparoscopic surgical optics, ultra-sonic surgical system, intra-operative ultrasonography machine, intra-operative neuro-monitoring during thyroid and parathyroid surgery, intra-operative parathyroid hormone monitoring, head-mounted operating micro-scope, ultrasound guided vacuum assisted automated breast biopsy system for impalpable breast lesions, portable ultrasound for surgeon performed ultrasonography, hand held high-fidelity gamma probe for radio-guided sentinel lymph node biopsy and parathyroid surgery, ultrasound and fluoroscopy guidance for venous access and indwelling venous access ports (chemo-port) implantation, pedography equipment for plantar pressure mapping in diabetic patients, and a wide array of conventional and newer surgical instruments and gadgets.

The department has adequate infra-structure for teaching & training activities which include a seminar room equipped with computer and projector, with integrated tele-conferencing system for distant education, a ward seminar room for case based learning sessions, which is also utilized for patient counseling. The endocrine surgery laboratory has wide array of equipment for basic and advanced research studies, and include ultra-deep freezer for tumor tissue and DNA banking, refrigerated ultra-centrifuge, a PCR machine, spectro-photometer, gel-elctrophoresis system, operating microscope for micro-surgical animal experimentation, etc.