Medical Educational Unit


The 01 courses were started by Late Prof SR Naik as soon as the academic activity started in the Institute  in late 80s. The purpose of these courses was to expose students to areas that have impact on Medicine but are not usually taught. Initially only the Biostatistics course was compulsory and later it was decided to have an additional mandatory course called foundation course about 20 years ago. The objective of the foundation course was to introduce a new student to the Institute, how to work here, protect from infections, communicate with patients, colleagues, patients and how to keep good medical records and use hospital information systems, basics of medical research and ethics etc.

Over the years the number of optional courses have seen a nice mix including scientific communication, computers, bioinformatics, photography, history of medicine, basic immunology, Genetics in clinical medicine, Medical ethics, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, etc.

This year we have started separate courses for PhD students which include cell biology, research methodology, stem cells, genomics, organoids, cell cell interaction etc. Currently due to COVID 19 all courses are being conducted online. 

We invite suggestions from all students and faculty to improve these courses


Prof S K Mishra

Prof Shaily Awasthi

Prof Amita Aggarwal

Prof Banani Poddar

Prof UC Ghoshal

Prof Preeti Dabadgon

Prof Shantanu Pandey

Prof Sandeep Sahu