Postdoctoral Fellowship program [PDF]

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate must have passed M.Ch/Dip NB urology or pediatric surgery from a recognized university

Selection Procedure

An advertisement will appear in the national Newspaper in the month of October every year. On the basis of curriculum Vitae the candidates will be short listed for the interview and assessment. The candidate will be selected on the basis of CV, suitability on the basis of need and eagerness to pursue the course and finally the performance of the candidate.

Duration Of Training

One Year

Number of Position



The department will take one candidate per year.
Session starts from 1st of July each year.
Position is advertised on institute's website-

Syllabus for PDF in Pediatric Urology

The following topics shall be covered during the training period.

  • A. Embryology and anatomy of genitourinary system
  • B. Renal physiology with special reference to fetal and neonatal stages
  • C. Morphological investigations
    • Prenatal diagnosis of Fetal renal abnormalities
    • Postnatal Sonographic renal screening
    • Contrast studies in pediatric urology
    • Computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of the kidneys in children
  • D. Functional Investigations
    • Radioisotope imaging of the kidneys and urinary tract
    • Urodynamic studies of the lower urinary tract
  • E. Fluid and electrolyte management in children
  • F. Neonatal disorders/emergencies
  • G. Upper Urinary tract
    • Renal cystic diseases
    • Fusion anomalies
    • Ureteropelvic junction obstruction
    • Renal Duplex
    • Renal and upper ureteric stone
    • Renal tumours in childhood
  • H. Lower urinary tract
    • Phimosis, Paraphimosis
    • Penile and scrotal anomalies
    • Hypospadias
    • Undescended testis, testicular tumours and varicocele in childhood
    • Urinary tract infection
    • Vesicoureteric reflux
    • Megaureter
    • Neurogenic bladder
    • Dysfunctional elimination syndrome
    • Disorder of Sex differentiation
    • Ureteric and bladder stone
    • Ureteric and bladder stone
    • Bladder diverticulum
  • I. Trauma [Renal and lower urinary tract]
  • J. Reconstructive procedures
    • Upper tract
      • i. Pyeloplasty
      • ii. Ureteroureterostomy/ureteropyelostomy
    • Lower tract
      • i. Hypospadias repair
      • ii. Orchiopaxy
      • iii. Ureteric reimplant
      • iv. Urethroplasty
      • v. Genitoplasty [Male and Female]
      • vi. Augmentation cystoplasty
      • vii. Exstrophy epispadias repair
      • viii. Incontinence procedures
      • ix. Cloacal anomalies
      • x. Urinary diversion [Vesicostomy, ureterostomy , Continent and incontinent]
  • K. Endourology of lower tract
  • L. Endourology of upper tract
  • M. Laparoscopy in pediatric urology

Academic Course

The candidate will participate in all pediatric urological work including attending pediatric urological OPD, ward work (pediatric urological patients care) and surgical work. He/she will also participate in seminars, journal club and contribute to the research and scientific publication in the same.

Text Books Recommended

- Campbell Walsh text book of urology , 4th Volume, 9 Ed.
- Text book of Pediatric urology, Bellman, King and kramer
- Pediatric urology, by John P Gearhart, Richard C Rink

Journals Recommended

- International journal of pediatric urology [European Society of Pediatric Urology]
- Pediatrics [American Academy of Pediatricians]
- Pediatrics International
- Journal of Urology [American Urological Association]
- BJU International
- Pediatric Nephrology
- Pediatric transplantation


Within 3 months of joining a fellow will be given two clinical or basic sciences projects, which he/she will complete and submit 3 months before the completion of his tenure. The experts in the particular field will examine his dissertation/projects.


There will be an in-house assessment /examination of the candidate one months before the completion of his tenure. This will be mandatory to pass this internal assessment test and only then the certificate of training shall be issued to the candidate.