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About VDRC
VDRC is working for creating institutional repository of intellectual assets as well as institutional records. In the first phase it is envisaged to have a database of all scholarly publications of the institute.

To provide relevant services for the acquisition, organization, preservation and dissemination of scholarly and intellectual assets.
To create database of the other institutional records which may be archived at one place for its active use at appropriate time especially during Institutional academic functions like conferences, convocations, seminars etc.

Digital Library Services
The digital library, where VDRC presently functional, is connected with National Knowledge network.
This e-library is fully Wi-Fi enabled for uninterrupted flow of information to integrate the research and education process along with access to e journals and e books subscribed by the institute.

Teaching Material
Departments List
Immunology Radiotherapy
Anaesthesiology Nephrology
Cardiology Neurosurgery
Critical Care Medicine Hematology
Nephrology Neurology
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Nuclear Medicine
Pathology Pediatric Gastroenterology
Gastroenterology Radiodiagnosis
Endocrine Surgery Endocrinology
Medical Genetics Surgical Gastroenterology
Microbiology Transfusion Medicine
Urology Biostatistics & Health Informatics

Year wise Statistics of Publications (Index Journals)

25th Anniversary SGPGI Souvenir

Institute Annual Report (2011 -2012)
Incharge: Dean Prof R.N.Misra
Nodal Officer: Prof Amita Aggrawal
Librarian: Prabha Manoj Kumar
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